Russia - a country desperately in need of yet another revolution.

Russia got rid of the Tsars.

Russia got rid of Communism.

Russia now needs to get rid of the parasite Putin and his chef

Hit by the Russians.  Nothing is holy, not churches, not hospitals, not schools, not universities, not cultural sites, not the electric infrastructure that keeps the sick and vulnerable alive from the freezing cold

The KGB man who infiltrated the Russian church

Young russians do not want this war

The little man who lost his balls thru hormone therapy*

*Unfortunately, Putin's hormone therapy seems to have destroyed any empathy he ever had (if any).  For sure he is a very sick man

The little man's nick name in Russian and Ukrainian is the head of a member.   Figure it out.  

Where are the Russian real men?   Real men would fight the destruction that Putin is bringing upon his own country.   Real men would not wait until the borders are closed and voluntarily be sent to the front lines as cannon fodder.  This will happen sooner than you expect.  Putler is desparate and no logic will stop him.   If you are what would normally be called an able young or not so young Russian man expect to be sent to your death at the front lines..   Leave Russia now before it is too late!  Mothers, fathers, wives and children beg your sons, men, fathers to leave now.  Do not expect the borders to remain open.  By February it may be too late.

When it comes to being real men, money does not make a difference.  The Oligarchs are also waiting to be slaughtered by Putlers killing swads.  Putin is so paranoid that he is hunting them down and killing them and they just wait for this to happen rather than help organize the counter-revolution.  Putin is too stupid to realize that his biggest threat is from Dmitry Valerievich Utkin, the head of a bunch of criminal (in every sense of the word) personal army, the Wagner group.  (This same Diminished Valerievich -he now goes under the name Yevgeny Prigozhin- sent a bloody sledgehammer used to execute a deserter to the European Parliament.)

So already Russia is a country of only women and chicken (cowardly men who are just waiting to be killed).  Soon there will be no chicken left either.  It is so shameful that these men who have some Viking blood in them (Rus stands for the Old Norse word that means "the men who row") are not rowing against the tide but just waiting for one crazy little man, who obviously does not care, to send them to their untimely deaths.

Genocidal / Suicidal

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